Monday, July 20, 2009

Sorry This is Late (Or: A Tiring Workweek)

Hi everyone- sorry this is a day late, I completely spaced it yesterday. Then again, I'm sure no one was particularly impatient, haha. This week was less quality than last, but I had a pretty tough work schedule and didn't want to push things too much. Nonetheless, I'm very very tired as I write this. The 4th and 5th weeks at a higher mileage start to grind on me; fortunately, I'm racing this week, which means it'll be kind of a down week in intensity except for the race. I'll probably take next Monday off, too.

Anyway, here it is:

Monday- 9AM- 10 easy, 66:39 6PM- 4 easy after work, 27:22. Left achilles was a little tender- more walking around than when I was running, I probably just strained it a little doing those two barefoot workouts last week.

Tuesday- 1pm- 5 miles easy (33:10) from one work to the other. 6:30- Easy/moderate after work, 8 miles 51:04 (26:40/24:24) felt terrible through 4 and great during the last half. Good set of strides after. 11pm- Core/strength. My quest to become strong enough to no longer fear 11 year old girls continues, slowly.

Wednesday- 1pm- 5 easy from work to work, kids were unruly all day. 6pm- 3 miles easy to the track, then a little nueromuscular workouts. I did two sets 4x150, 1x200 with a walk back recovery, then jogged a slow 800 after each set. Didn't time the 150s, just ran fast and relaxed. Did the 200s in 25.8 and 26.0- it felt ok. To be honest, I kinda hoped that with the diligent hill sprints I've been doing, I'd bust out a sub-25, but hey, it's July. Last summer I did a similar workout and hit 27s on the 200s at the same effort, so whatever. 4 miles c/d.

Thursday- 8:30AM- 3 easy before work, 21:47. Legs were trashed from those sprints yesterday! I could hardly believe how sore I was. 7PM- 9 62:32 out and back on a hilly route, tried to keep it slow.

Friday- 7PM- Had today off! (well, except for a short shift 4-7 at the lake). Slept in, lazed about all day. Did 17.5 over very hilly terrain in 1:53, felt pretty good but hungry the last 2-3 miles. I think that's the farthest I've ever run on purpose (not counting, of course, getting lost or that time Shamus shamed me into doing 20 with him at camp).

Saturday- 11AM- 4 easy, 28:45. Noon- went to Whirlaway, got new trainers- Adizero Bostons. At 9oz, they're the heaviest shoes I've trained in for a while, but I want to protect my achilles a little. 7pm- 8 easy on hilly backroads, averaged about 6:30s but ran 54min to be sure it was 8.

Sunday- 12PM- 6 easy, 40:20, hot out for me. I know I'm a huge heat sissy, but once it gets over 80 degrees I feel like I'm cooking, especially in this NH humidity. 7pm- 8 miles easy, 55:38, felt very sluggish, last 2mi barefoot. Achilles was fine.

Tot- 97 miles with one good long run and one good neuromuscular day. I'm exhausted right now but I think it's more to do with dealing with 80 kids who were unusually bratty today than the mileage. Ten mile road race this week, my first race over 5mi ever. I'm not really sure what to expect, but I would hope if the weather is ok that I could at least break 54min (my "PR" is a 54:30 ten mile "tempo but actually we were probably racing" from XC last year). If the weather is nice and the course isn't mega hilly or anything, averaging under 5:20s would be fantastic.


  1. The course is not hilly. A bit uphill in the 6th mile and a couple of small rollers between 7 and 9. The only thing that can be tough is the wind along the water, but it usually behaves.

  2. You should definitely be able to run under 54:00. I've run 57:18 on a moderately hilly 10.2 mile course with PRs of a 10:14.87 2 mile 16:33 5k, and a 20:00 6k... Although I am more of a long distance runner. With your mileage, I would say at least a 52 should be fairly easy if you actually race.

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I'm just going to open the throttle and see what happens.