Sunday, September 27, 2009

When Walking Grows Tiresome

Hi, everybody. This week's blog title comes from the fact that I need a darn bike. It's an approximate 25min walk to class from my apartment, so between going and coming back to class and various errands, I'm spending about 60-120min a day walking (usually fast, since I'm not always prompt). This isn't a huge deal, but I'll say it. . . I'm sick of it, ha. I'm working on saving up money for a cheap little road bike.

Monday- AM- 5 easy, River Loop + mile on Nickerson, 34:41. PM- 9 easy, 65min. Slept 9 hours and napped, think I'm shaking that cold.

Tuesday- AM- off PM- 98min easy, got dropped off at the Arb and wandered around for a while before running back to BU and adding on a couple minutes inside- calling it 14 but it might have been longer. Congestion was much much better today.

Wednesday- AM- 5 easy, 36:12, River Loop + b/f Nickerson mile. PM- 9 easy 59min, last 4-5mi around 6:10 pace with Eric. I think I finally got rid of that cold.

Thursday- AM- Off PM- 3 up to BC res via Beacon, strides, Pseudo-Workout (Bruce said he wanted it to be really easy, we deferred to him for once and obliged): 2mi around the Res (~11min @ tempo-type effort- kept the whole team together). 800 jog, 8x15 second strides, 45sec rest. 800 jog, Another 2mi a little harder but not much (ran for ~10:30). 3mi c/d.

Friday- AM- off PM- 11 easy, 75min. Last couple miles were reasonably quick (6:15-20s)

Saturday- AM- 12 easy around Fresh Pond twice (81min) last half a little quicker than normal training pace.

Sunday- AM- Franklin Park workout: 3 mi up, then 3k, 2k, 1k, 3k on the course. First 3k, 2k, 1k was at 8k intensity- 9:38 3min jog rest (~5min at the mile), 6:06, 3min jog rest, 3:01, 8min jog rest, Bruce told us to run the first mile of the 2nd 3k as a pack then run the last half or so at 8k intensity. Stuck with Eric, split 5:22 at the mile then 9:40 for the 3k. Pretty good workout- I felt sluggish and crappy (plus the grass as long and wet) but decided to stop dicking around and grind it out. 3mile down, ran into Dan and Fish. A good workout in terms of sustained effort at race pace with a good total volume.

Tot- 93

Bruce is giving us 3 easy days after today so we can do a long run on Tuesday, then warned us that Thursday would be a pretty hard workout before a lighter one on Sunday. I felt really good once I shook out that cold. The idea is to have another good week of volume and intensity (~95mi with two workouts and a moderate long run) then just hold 80s, raise intensity slightly and ride out the rest of the season. Now I need to stop procrastinating. . . I have a couple papers I need to get crackin' on.

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