Sunday, November 15, 2009

Secret Miles

Hi, everyone. Veteran's Day this week proved the perfect break from school and allowed me to get a jump start on getting back into shape. I'm almost up to my preferred level of volume and intensity. As I already mentioned, the Jackalopes are official now. Helping out at Regionals and cleaning up today took more time than I would have thought, so I don't have the Jackalope information up yet. It's coming, though!

This Thursday I have the MRI of my heart. I'm a little apprehensive about the procedure, but if I get cleared, at least I can stop the secret miles sham of the last few weeks. Anyway, here's the log:

Monday- River Loop, 32:20- hit the mile in 8:26! Ha, I felt good so I don't care. PM- Fresh Pond 9+ in 63:42, strides after in my spikes including a relaxed 200 in 28.2. Core/strength circuit after. I gained weight on that layoff! Got like 6 lbs to lose.

Tuesday- 12PM- 3 miles up to the BC Res, 10k tempo: (8:42, 17:28 (8:46), 26:08 (8:40), 34:44 (8:36). Felt good, didn't feel the need to press. Breathing was fine but my quads/ass were rocked from the strength circuit yesterday. ~3 down. 7PM- Slow 30min shakeout with James indoors, felt good but tired.

Wednesday- Big River Loop with Eric, 68min, felt a little sluggish but not dreadful.

Thursday- 13 miles easy, 90min, first 38 min with Eric, then 5x15 second hill sprints afterward. Felt much better than last Sunday's 12 miler.

Friday- 3 miles up to the Brookline Res, then 2x3laps+ a little to make it 2x3mi instead of 4500. Averaged about 4:58/lap (just under 5:20/mile) and ran for 16min each. Took a 3:30 rest jog after each- covered about 7mi in 38:50. Very good workout- it was real windy at the Res and it got dark out near the end of the second 3mile. 3miles down, almost got hit twice.

Saturday- AM- 45min slow indoors before Regionals- I knew I was going to be out in the cold/rain all day, so I wussed out and ran indoors. PM- 45 minutes slow indoors with Billy after Regionals. Cold, miserable, muddy day. Did a bunch of strides in my spikes afterward.

Sunday- 14 easy, 1:37.43, first half with Ken. Felt tired, hungry, and thirsty the whole way. Body still isn't used to being on its feet for more than an hour or so. The same thing happened to me at the beginning of the summer, I'll come around.

Tot- 91- not a bad week for bootleg training.

There was other stuff I wanted to say. . . if I remember it, I'll do a new entry. Hope everyone had a good week!


  1. No congratulations for your old team?

  2. ...must be nice to have an indoor track.

  3. how much time do you take off after a season?

  4. That depends on a lot of things. Assuming I haven't been grossly overtrained or hurt, I take off maybe 2 day tops, then have 4-5 days of easy jogging for 45-60min, then get right back into it the next week. After outdoor track this past year, I took a whole week because I was hurt/low iron/hating running. In general, take as little time off as you need- but don't take less than what you need.

  5. Craig,

    Follow my advice. Indoors: run the 5k, ignore the mile. I have tol you this last year, but you don't want to listen.

    -You already know who this is, but I will choose to remain anonymous.

  6. The only person I can remember telling me to move up to the 5k last winter is Pete, my former coach at Keene- and I don't remember him ever telling me to "ignore the mile."

    Feel free to shoot me an email if you don't want to be public, but I have no plans to "ignore the mile." However, I am considering taking a shot at a more serious steeple or 5k outdoors.

  7. How about this break: 4 days of no running, 1 day easy run (40-60 min), 1 day off, 1 day easy run (40-60 min), 1 day off... then get back into it?

  8. I don't want to be rude or dismissive, but how on Earth would I know that better than you? It sounds like quite a bit of time- but if you feel like you need, take it. I can't really tell you how much rest you need, though.