Sunday, March 28, 2010

Turning it Around

Hi, all. Running went much better this week, which made it easier to stomach how crappy school, student teaching, and work is going. I don't have anything to say, really, so I guess I'll just include the log and leave it at that.

Oh, I did witness a hit and run accident walking home from work. The guy who got hit drove after the dude who hit him, screaming murder. I'm not sure if I hope chased got away or got brought to justice for hitting and running.

Anyway, here's the log:

Monday- 12PM- 7mi moderate, felt good after ten minutes and just starting squeezing down the pace. Ended up at about ~5:30 for the last 8min or so, then added on a 2:30 half on the outdoor track (78.x/71.x) for the heck of it. 8:30PM- 4mi easy on the river, felt good.

Tuesday- AM- 29' easy indoors, downpour out- I was going to do a hill workout in the morning but decided to put it off til the afternoon in case the rain tapered off a little. PM- Rain tapered off just barely, did 3+ warmup, then did 6x80 seconds up Summit Ave in Brookline (which is a ridiculous hill!) and would have died of bootylock but for a small booty. Ran steady back to the indoor track (about 8min the way I went) then did 6x200 cutdowns with a 200 jog, starting at 33 and cutting down to 30 (200 rest jogs in 50-55). Pretty solid day, short c/d.

Wednesday- 3:30PM- 9mi easy after a day of student teaching and napping through the start of my afternoon class (whoops!). Felt pretty good after the nap, felt like trash covered in crap before the nap. Ran to Jamaica Pond with a nice big group, averaged about 6:40s.

Thursday- AM- 4 easy, very stiff first 10min but good thereafter. PM- West on the Charles with a big group, was very surprised to run 6:40s and have it feel so slow. Had just enough time to rinse off and hightail it to work.

Friday- 3:30PM- Bruce took a page right out of his own book (Speed With Endurance, which he co-wrote with Bill Squires) and assigned me a "Long Run with Movements" which is Squires' way of saying a long ass fartlek. 20min easy, 15min moderate, then 2-4-6-6-4-2 hard with equal steady rest. I ran laps around Fresh Pond (~2.45mi) and ran the one I looked at in 13:20 including rest. The trail was soft and muddy with all the rain, so I'll conservatively say 5min pace on the ons and 6min pace for the rests. All in all the fartlek took 48min, or something just over 8.5mi. Ran an 11min steady cool down for a 15+ mile run in 94 min, tired but too hungry to run slower. Felt pretty good about this workout- my weak little aerobic capacity is slowly getting better.

Saturday- AM- 4 mi very slow, some with the guys as they warmed up for their interval work. Heavy, heavy legs. PM- 51min very slow, most cooling down with Peter and Eric after their workout. Heavy legs, especially quads.

Sunday- 1mi easy, then met up with Eric for ~9mi easy with Eric around Fresh Pond (17:40) legs pretty heavy still. Eric stopped once he had done 9, I pressed on and built the pace the last 4mi, ending at 6:03 for the last mile and running harder than I thought 6min pace required. Last 4mi in ~25:30. Very, very tired after this, despite a great night's sleep on Friday. Ate and ate and ate then went to work and ate and ate some more.

Tot- 88mi
11 runs
Two very solid workouts
0 core/strength sessions
0 drill sessions

Goal for next week: Maintain volume/quality but be more diligent about doing some drills, strides, and finishing two 30min core/strength circuits.

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