Monday, October 10, 2011


Well, I haven't kept up with this thing for a while now, and it's not entirely because I've been too busy. The fall is always a tough time for me because my allergies combine with my asthma and my running tends to drop off. I can control either one of those exogenous factors with medication, but when they're both bad at the same time, I'm little better than "entirely useless."

I'll admit, too, I've grown tired of keeping the blog up. I never intended it to be a mere reposting of my training from logarun, and I haven't run well enough to offer any real insight to anyone looking for it.

To very briefly (by my standards) share where I'm at: I've got this semester left of college, and then 2 classes to talk in the spring, then I'm graduating from BU with a BA in Economics. After that, well, who the hell knows? I don't have a job lined up yet and I've got some solid student loans hanging over my head. I still have PRs left in me, though, so I'll be squeezing in as much running as I can regardless of where I end up working. Until we get a hard frost this fall, my running will be reasonably touch-n-go, with good days and bad days dictated by pollen counts. Fortunately, my new apartment is a lot less moldy and damp than my old basement apartment, so I'm doing better than I would be otherwise.

Also, after more than 3 years of waiting for my younger brother to turn 18, my family and I have decided to go back to using my mother's maiden name, McMahon. It was obviously a long process (and we still have to settle everything legally and officially) but we all felt it better reflected who we were, based on our familial situation (upon which I don't really see appropriate to elaborate here). So, since my "clever" blog title is no longer accurate and the pleasure I take in blogging has largely waned, I figured now was as good a time as any to wind this thing down.

Anyone who has interest in seeing what I'm up to are welcome to check out my training calendar on My username is Craig McMahon, so I'll be easy to find. Lastly, I just wanted to say thanks to anyone who reached out to me over the years. It's been an interesting exercise to have to analyze myself a little bit every week. At times, it was comforting and clarifying to write everything down; at others, it felt like a self-indulgent and masturbatory act of ego. Maybe, if after graduating, I become some stud road whore or ultra-marathon geek, I'll feel the need to start something bloggy up again. Maybe I'll get a job at runnersworld, and you can all read about my tips to your best half-marathon on 10 miles a week (please for the love of god, I'm kidding, don't believe that).

Regardless of what happens, I'm sure it'll be an adventure to find out. Take it easy, everybody. Happy Running!

-Craig McMahon

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