Sunday, June 28, 2009

Down Week- With A Photo Finish

That GMR really did a number on me- of course, staying up til 3am to catch the new Transformers movie the next day didn't help either. It took til Friday or so before my legs really got back under me. This week makes two entire months since I have raced in a real competition. Two months. I'm pretty sure that's just about the longest competitive hiatus I've had since getting pneumonia my senior year of high school- which was Fall of 2006. So, faced with my longest break from racing for nearly three years, I find myself getting really, really fit. I have just about a month to the Fleet 10-miler and I'm starting to get the ol' racing itch back-- something I haven't had since sometime in March.

In more important news, the first JACKALOPES UNIFORMS are made. They'll make their official debut when Geoff runs his local 5k on the 4th of July. I hope to get some pictures up soon; Geoff really did an amazing job on these. We couldn't figure out a way to get the quality we wanted without paying a shit-ton of money for each uniform (which, in turn, would make the uniforms way too expensive for we humble Jacklopes), so Geoff spent several hours HAND-MAKING the uniforms. It's not that I expected the uniforms to be crappy, but when Geoff brought the prototypes over, I was floored with how much time, effort, and care he put into the uniforms. We're not going to make a penny on these hand-crafted beauties; just get in touch with me or Geoff and we'll charge you the cost of the materials/shipping.

Here's a summary of the week's log-

Monday- OFF

Tuesday- AM- 3 easy to work, PM- 10 easy with Geoff, 67:40, flat trail, stiff calves.

Wednesday- AM- 5 easy to work + Lake Loop, PM- 9 easy, hilly, 59min 8xstrides

Thursday- 3pm- 3 up, 3.5 including 2xmile (track) in 5:00 w/1000 float in 4min (19:28 tot) 1.5 down (8 tot in 49:30), cut workout short- humid, felt shitty. 8pm- 5 easy, hilly, 33min

Friday- 2pm- 8 easy, finally feeling human again, 53min 7pm- 5 easy at work, 34:30min

Saturday- 7pm- 14 easy/moderate, 13:30 at 2, 45:53 at 7.1, 1:15:30 at 12.2, 1:26:49 at the finish. Felt pretty damn smooth, way easier than that 15miler a couple weeks ago and on a much hillier course, too. I said then it takes a very well-conditioned athlete to run steady for 90minutes- I'm getting to that point. By the time I start specific work in September, my General Fitness is going to be through the roof!

Sunday- AM- 6 easy with my brother, Doug, and Kopetz at Lake Massabesic, 40min- closer to 10k than 6 miles, but I'll be conservative. Doug pushed it down close to 6min pace at the end. PM- 8 miles easy, 55:12, hilly, rainy- I was fine with jogging through at 7:05s then my dinner came back at me hardcore and it took a 12:40 2-mile/sprint up the stairs to beat myself to the toilet.

Tot- 81 miles in 6 days, good week of more relaxed, moderate training to let my body catch up with the last month. Next week should yield a good solid tempo and a decent fartlek before the festivities of the weekend.

Have a good week, everyone, and feel free as always to drop in with questions, comments, suggestions, etc.

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