Sunday, June 7, 2009

More Jackalope Stuff

Ok, here's what I'm thinking- since I stopped posting my training here, this blog has fizzled out a little. I'm not much of an advice giver, but I don't want to quit the blogging- I've found that I really enjoy doing it.

What I need, then, are some ideas for the Jackalopes' Big Project. I've been sitting here all week trying of something Significant with a capital S for the club to do- something that will really add to the sport. I've been in contact with flotrack and some other running sites and they're all perfectly willing to help the club get exposure in order to help out on as many levels as possible.

This is the cool part about having a blog- presumably, people out there read it, and can provide feedback. Please leave comments here or email me with your Big Project idea- the more specific the plan is, the better.

Here are some rough parameters that I'm looking for:

1) It takes place at an event relatively soon (as in before school starts up again)

2) It takes place at an event already fairly well known (like a big road race or clinic) but needs help/could use a lot of improvement

3) Located in the Northeast (I have no money to be flying around the country to coordinate stuff)

C'mon, everyone- we can piss and moan about track in America, or we can at least try to improve the situation!

PS: I think I'll start posting my training here again- I liked being able to reflect about it at the end of the week and writing it down was a nice forum to do so.

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