Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Week in New Hampshire

Hi, everybody. This week concluded my summer training for 2009. This is my first entry as a resident of the Track House on Ashford St, Allston, MA. I thought I was going to have to keep myself busy until Wednesday when the rest of the guys are moving in. It was then to my great surprise that James and Sean were already here! Before I get into the specifics of the week, here are some stats for people who like stats and a few thoughts (for people who like thinking?):

Summer Training 09:
104 days
1248.3 miles
162 runs

Average per day: 12.00 miles
Average per week: 84.00 miles
Weeks over 80 miles: 11
Lowest week: 46mi (first week back)
Highest week: 97mi (three times)

Thoughts: This has easily been the most consistent and sensible block of training I've ever gotten through. My races weren't amazing, but they served to indicate my fitness was advancing at a promising rate. Bruce is quite happy with the work I've done and keeps reminding me that being race sharp at the end of August isn't the goal of summer training. We have three weeks until our first race in Vermont- time to keep the momentum rolling and maintain the mileage for another month or two. I'm at the point where a 90mi week takes roughly the same out of me as a 75mi week used to- great progress, but it's a long road to get from where I am now to where I want to be as a runner.

The log:

Monday- AM 10 miles easy + a mi worth of striders. Slept in too late and it was disgusting out- hot and humid. Took water at 5 and 8mi. 78 min including the strides PM- 5 easy, weather was worse, if possible, 36:45

Tuesday- AM- 7mi easy, barefoot- didn't have the desire to do ten in the weather. Took water at 3 and 5. 48:39 PM- 8 easy, getting really sick of the heat and humidity (it's been in the 90s with dew points in the 70s the last couple days). 55:52 + 6 short hills after.

Wednesday- AM- 4 easy, 27:44, I wondered if it was even worth trying to work out that night. PM- 3 up, 5x1200 with 400 jog rest (8k total in 27:03). Too hot to push the 400s the way I had planned but I'm happy with the workout overall. Splits:

1200 400 Elapsed Time Mile Split
3:39 (1:42) (5:21) (5:21)
3:39 (1:47) (10:47) (5:26)
3:40 (1:43) (16:10) (5:23)
3:39 (1:51) (21:40) (5:30)
3:39 (1:45) (27:03) (5:26)

Thursday- PM- overslept due to setting my alarm to PM instead of AM. 14 easy 1:35:55 on a hilly course around the lake. Last day of work today!

Friday- AM- BRING ON THE FALL. Slept late, rolled out of bed, went jogging- 30:13, felt terrible. PM- 5 easy during a super intense thunderstorm. A tree not 50 feet in front of me was struck by lightning during this run. Decided it was a good idea just to take a recovery day, in light of the heavy mileage of the last two weeks.

Saturday- AM- 5 easy with Kev, felt ok but for the damn heat and humidity, 34:43. PM- 10 easy, first 5 very slow (36min) last 5 barefoot/cutting down to about 6min pace. Felt pretty smooth going more moderate, sun went down as I started picking it up and that helped, 66:53 tot.

Sunday- AM- 4 easy barefoot, 28:05. Felt awful, decided to delay workout til the afternoon and see if I felt better. Moved into Ashford during the afternoon. PM- 9 easy with James, 59:40, down to JP and back.

Tot- 97.

Have a good week, everyone! Feel to comment or email as usual. Hope everyone's summer was as productive as mine!


  1. good luck! keep your focus and be patient. you have many good seasons ahead of you. study and run. good things will happen at the right time.

  2. thanks walt! good to hear from you again- sorry you and rich and I never got to meet up.