Sunday, August 30, 2009

Settling Into Allston

Hello there guys and gals (ok, guys). It was a very hectic week here- I'm afraid this won't be the usual verbose post. I half-moved into my place on Sunday; I won't be into my actual room until tomorrow or Tuesday. Classes start on Wednesday, so my window to get everything done before then is quite short.


Monday- AM- 11 easy, two laps around Fresh Pond with James, 76 min.

Tuesday- AM- 3+up, 6k tempo at the Brookline Res (20:30, ~5:30 a mile) 3+ cooldown. Felt awful and tired, despite pushing this workout back from last Sunday. PM- 3 mile barefoot shakeout around Nickerson with James, 21:45.

Wednesday- AM- 4 easy with Peter and James, part of it barefoot. PM- First unofficial team run (some of the new guys still hadn't had their physicals and stuff, so this was 100% an optional, unofficial, informal gathering and run. 10 easy out to the Museum of Science, 66min. Felt godawful, vowed to take tomorrow really easy and try to get some life in my legs for the workout.

Thursday- PM- 5 easy + team core work (again, this was entirely an unofficial run that Bruce did not organize at all). I think I must be the softest active 4:08 guy out there- I feel weak and doughy compared to my teammates!

Friday- AM- Very slow 3mi shakeout barefoot around Nickerson, 22:55. PM- Since the freshman and transfers weren't yet cleared (they were still entering us in the system, confirming insurance, reviewing our NCAA forms, etc) we all worked out together, independent from Bruce and the rest of the team. Dave and I took the freshman gals and guys up to the BC Res to do 3 sets of 4min, 2mi, 1min at "approximate date 8k race pace" with 2min rest between each on segment. The entire workout was 37 min, during which I covered a little less than 11k (I split 33:50 through 10k, or 4 laps of the Res). 4 miles up and somewhere more than 2miles down, felt really good- happy to get my legs back under me for the first time in nearly a week.

Saturday- AM- 10 very easy with the team, MOS loop again, 68min. PM- Warmup Loop with Ken and James (3mi) + a 60min core/strength session with the team. My quest to become less pathetically weak and soft continues.

Sunday- AM- To Fresh Pond, a lap, and back from the TTC. Ran moderate with Eric; I'm always surprised at how easy 6min pace feels on flat ground. Averaged 5:50s the last 6mi or so, didn't strain- chatted comfortably. Loop was somewhere between 9mi and 15k- 56:23 tot. 8 really good strides after with 100 jog on Nickerson. PM- River Loop with Eric, real easy- 29min. Capped off a good week here- 87 miles with a 5mi day in there.

I'm a little rocked from the strength routine, but all in all I'm loving life here- Boston is great, my teammates are awesome, and I can't wait to get into the meat of the season. That's all!


  1. hey, i'm a girl who occasionally pops by to check on this ;) never posted or commented until now but i like checking it nonetheless.

  2. Well well well, never thought I'd see the day, haha. Thanks for stopping by, hope you continue to enjoy it!

  3. have a great BU experience. give my regards to bruce.

  4. Keep up the great work! Best of luck this season, make New Hampshire proud. Tell Bruce Steve Hunt says "hello". We both ran for Bill Squires @ Boston State . BTW I'm the new Bishop Guertin X/C coach. Paulson, Brown, and Sinotte were great to work with now it's time for Hernandez, Jourdain, and LaCoste to make some noise. Go Sox! All the Best! Steve Hunt

  5. The Cardinals have gotten a Squiers athlete? Look out, NH XC! I'll pass along your message (and yours too, Walt), thank you both for the kind words!

  6. Thanks, go get'm!

  7. Hey Graig,
    No objection to any positive posts, I wanted my daughter Kelsey to run for Bruce she decided to go to High Point, NC . Bruce is the Squires of this era, your times will continue to drop season by season. Squires had me as 27:30 8k Freshman, ran 23:55 @ FP by jr year.
    I'll see you during indoor season. Have a great season.

    Steve H