Sunday, February 7, 2010

Scritch, Scratch

I'm leaving for a Superbowl gathering with the lads soon, but I've got a fair bit to say this week, so pardon the rush in posting this:


Monday- 60min solo regeneration run after class, we can call it a healthy 8mi.

Tuesday- 3:30PM- 3 up, then into the milers for the "MacPherson Workout" which Bruce made up on the spot and named after me. Why? Who knows. 2min jog rest between everything.


500 1:18 (target 1:18-19)
300 45 (target 44-45)
300 44.7 (")

500 1:22 (target 1:22)
400 62 (target 63)
300 43.7 (target 44-45)

150 20.2 (no targets given)
150 19.4
150 19.7
150 19.0

(extra 2min jog)

500 1:16 (target: "run it without a care in the world, and marvel at how slow it feels after the 150s") 2min standing rest on this one to marvel sufficiently.

300 44.0 (target 44-45)
300 42.8 (target 43-44)

25min cooldown with Peter.

All in all, a pretty good workout. My gears are slowly coming back. 11 mi tot.

Wednesday- 58min easy River Loop at night with James, 8mi. Pretty nice out, not too windy and warm- about 25deg.

Thursday- AM- 4mi easy indoors, some with Kat, a grad student/volunteer. PM- 3 up, 10x150 in spikes with Ken and James, avg 21.5, took an easy 200 jog for rest. It was after this run that my lower left back, left hip, left groin, and left hamstring all started to crap out on me. They had been a little sore for a few days, but things really made themselves known when I was expending a little more energy to turn over with good form. 3 mi down.

Friday- 7 miles easy with a huge group, 47:30, left hip/back very bad until about 3mi in, then it felt ok until I did 8x100 strides w/100 jog after the run.

Saturday- Scratched from my planned 1000 and 4x800 double at the Battle of Beantown against Harvard, BC, and Northeastern. Team did really well- 2nd to Harvard and a thrilling 4x800 relay victory. Bruce said not to worry about my back and hip yet and just rest it.

Sunday- Ok, going this far might not have been the greatest idea I had, but I ran for an easy 90min with Eric (with a nice collection of teammates with us for varying lengths as well). I barely felt my back and didn't feel my hip at all- so I'm glad I didn't push things yesterday when Valentine and the America East Championships are in the next two weekends. I'm confident of my fitness and that my results will be very good in the coming weeks.

tot- 59 on the week.

Other stuff:

So on Saturday night, I got to attend the Boston Indoor Games with most of the BU guys and gals. It was awesome being about 10ft away from the pros. The 5000 was a truly impressive race, with Lagat leading early and Rupp trying to steal the show with a K left. Rupp tossed in like a 60-61 400 and really strung things out- for a guy who looked like he was about to throw up, I thought he made a really impressive bid to win the race. Lagat's last 400 was quite impressive as well- he just looks so damned effortless when he's running. What was especially awesome was that we just happened to be sitting next to marathon coach and US legend Bill Squires, who provided commentary for us the entire time. We even got to host a Kiwi miler (not Willis. . . but a friend of his!) at 15 Ashford St because he needed a couch on which to crash. All in all, it was a damn fun weekend that not even a bad back and a missed race could ruin.

Ok, this is enough- I'm off, now, and I'm sure I'll regret saving a bunch of homework until after the Superbowl! A nap will be in order tomorrow after class.

Have a great week, everyone- run FAST!


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