Sunday, February 14, 2010


Well, I'll get right into it. I DNF'd the Valentine meet. I felt like crap from the gun, got gapped early, was out faster than I had hoped, questioned myself, got down on myself, and stopped. I don't have any excuses, explanations, or commentary beyond that. No amount of bitching or whining is going to undo it, so I might as well stop mewling and focus on making sure the rest of my season goes well.


Monday- AM- 4 easy with Eric. 5PM- 3 up, 2x500 76, 76, 2x1000 2:47, 2:47, 2x500, 76, 75 with a couple minutes jog in between. 3 down- felt pretty good.

Tuesday- AM 4 easy PM- 10 easy with Rob and Peter mostly, ran out to the Country Club and ran around the golf course for a while.

Wednesday- PM- 8 easy, solo. School got canceled because of an impending blizzard that turned into a sissy storm, so I got to sleep in.

Thursday- 3 up, 2x(5x150) untimed with Ken, 150 jog between each, 800 jog between the sets, 2miles down, 8 tot.

Friday- 7 miles easy, some with Eric.

Saturday- 3 up, Valentine Mile DNF, 2:01 at 800. 4 miles down.

Sunday- 9 miles easy around Fresh Pond with Eric, Peter, Elliot, and Tom Osbourne. Felt ok, nice weather out. Trying really hard not to get down on myself.

There you have it. An uninteresting blog entry. At the very least I've given some people in New Hampshire something to delight in.

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  1. Sorry to see for DNF. But at least it wasn't as bad as last year when it looked like you were going to die next to the pole vault mat.