Monday, December 20, 2010

You've gotta be freakin' kidding me

Internet, the title of this week's entry was also my reaction when I woke up Monday morning to find that my tonsils had swollen so badly overnight that they were essentially touching, making swallowing and breathing nearly impossible. I tested negative for strep throat, and the doc decided I had some kind of viral infection that could last anywhere from 1-3 weeks and might be mono. After about 4 days of horrible pain (no other symptoms, either- just the disgustingly infected tonsils, which were covered in puss you could see if you looked into my mouth (hope you didn't picture that)) the doctor gave me some Prednisone (call the drug testers!) which shrank my tonsils to human size again. By Saturday I had regained the will to live and by Sunday I felt good to run. I gave it an extra day, though, and waited until this afternoon to run. I'm pleased to report that it went well, and I got in 7 chilly, snowy, windy, enjoyable miles with Peter and Matt for a little.

Guess I got a little too greedy claiming I could no longer use the "out of shape" excuse last week. Finals are over, thank God.

Have a merry Christmas, everyone!



  1. Have you ever had a dead legs/burning legs slump that has lasted for 2-3 weeks? And can't seem to be explained by nutritional deficiency, overtraining (because the mileage done at that time is nothing new, and no other symptoms outside of running) and so on?

    Do you have any suggestions for coming back from something like that, especially if you have to race within 2 weeks and the discouraging pace of the easy runs/attempted workouts are nowhere near where you need to be?

    You've had some bad luck too, get over that viral infection!

  2. I have no idea what it could be if you don't have any symptoms outside of running. Wouldn't hurt to get some blood work done, I'd think- make sure they test for both mono and your serum ferritin.

    Sounds to me, though, that you're just kind of stressed. You speak of "having" to race and "needing" to be at a certain fitness. Could be that you're just sweating it too much. You might want to toss the watch and just let things flow for a while, until you find that you WANT to run a strong pace over hills, as opposed to trying to force a hard track workout or something.

    Best of luck- enjoy Christmas.

  3. Well, having to race/needing to be at a certain fitness refers to the first indoor meet (in about 2 weeks). I think this is practice on many college teams, but at least with mine, if you do not perform satisfactorily you will be cut from the team... hence the bit of stressing out about whether I will be in shape by the time this meet comes around. If it weren't for that, I would do exactly as you said and just take it easy for a while.