Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sniffles and Valentine

How can I start this post with anything other than a reaction to Rich's destruction of the 4 minute barrier yesterday? Sweet Jesus, kid does a few 2:10 800s and keeps up with the strides and all the sudden he's running 3:58.2 indoors! Even stranger to consider is that the two guys in front of him are also in the America East conference. I picked a bad time to be out of shape and on the sidelines. Side note: the rabbit for the race was my roommate, James Weider, and his 1:58.1 half-mile was a personal best for him. Almost (but not!) lost in the shuffle was Rob Gibson's 14:18 5k PR near the end of the day.

My week was unfortunately not as stellar as many of teammates'. I mean, it was nothing terrible, but I picked up a little cold from my trip up to the mountains and had to take it real easy for a couple of days to nip it before it got worse.

Anyway, here's my log:

Monday 2/7- 5mi easy, partways with Matt and Eric, pretty stuffed and tired, but no fever or chest congestion yet.

Tuesday 2/8- 5mi easy on the treadmill after work, more fatigue, mild chest congestion, but feeling a little improved.

Wednesday 2/9- Nearly better, decided to take a day off to kick this thing before it got any worse. Chest congestion clear, not too stuffy, just tired as all get out.

Thursday 2/10- 10 hours of sleep later, woke up feeling like a million bucks. 3:30PM- 8mi easy/moderate, first 7 with Peter out and back on the river in around 45min, 52 min total after an easy indoor add-on. 9PM- Got sent home from work early, which was sweet, so I celebrated with 4mi on the treadmill at the indoor track, radio a' blarin'.

Friday 2/11- 8pm- God awful treadmill workout in the indoor track garage while the Lady Valentine meet was going on. 3mi up, 1.5mi avg 5:15/mile (going 2:40, 2:37, 2:32 for each half-mile), half mile jog, 4x400 at 4:39/mile with a quarter jog at about 6:00/mile, half mile in 2:40, stepped off the treadmill with a mile to go in the workout. Wasn't quite ready to push like that, oh well. Cooldown # 1 with my fellow Terrier Bree Potter after her 3k, then another cooldown after my old Keene teammate Paige's 5k. Bree didn't have the race she wanted, but Paige showed 2 weeks of running after being in a boot for 6 weeks was all she needed to dip under 18 with a 17:58. Unfortunately, Paige miscounted the laps and stopped at 4800, otherwise, she would have run about 17:52-3 easily. I watched almost the entire meet with Pete, the Keene coach. 11 on the day.

Saturday 2/12- 12:30PM- tried to do some homework before the guy's meet started. I failed, so I set out to do an easy 4 by myself. 7PM- 9 miles easy with Billy after most of the meet was over, with various teammates tagging along for various distances. Ruben Sanca was with us for a good bit, but didn't like my choice of route (mostly because I picked a route that was entirely ice, and a busted ass doesn't lead to any PRs).

Sunday 2/13- 3PM- 15mi easy, first 4 out and back with James, last part out to Fresh Pond and around twice solo. I didn't run with a watch, just started nice and easy and felt myself get going pretty good toward the back half of the run. I felt surprisingly good when I finished-- a little hungry, but not particularly tired. I debated going 17, but I had only planned on 15 and I think I'm tempo-ing tomorrow, so I decided against adding on.

Total- 61 in 6 days, one mediocre workout. I did core one day too, but, as per usual, didn't record which day. Wednesday, probably?

Anyway, have a great week, everyone. Also, I missed out on a bunch of great Terrier performances, and so I apologize to my teammates for not listing them all here.

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