Monday, February 7, 2011

Progress and a trip up North

Another late entry, internet. Here's what I got up to:

Monday 1/31 3:30PM- 8mi, out in 27min, back in 25:40, with Peter, Eric, and Matt on the river. 9PM- At the TTC. 2mi easy, 8x100 in spikes avg ~14.5 w/100 jog, mile total in 5:58, 1mi barefoot in the green warmup lane. Felt good.

Tuesday 2/1 3:30PM- 3 up, 3mi treadmill tempo 15:27, 3mi down. 9PM- 36min indoors with Krinjak, felt good.

Wednesday 2/2- 3:30PM- 7mi easy indoors with the gang, felt terrible, absolutely terrible. Not sure why, but the weather wasn't cooperating much. 9:30PM- Strength circuit at the track.

Thursday 2/3- 3:30PM- 8mi out and back with Rob on the river, terrible footing, but good run regardless, 59:20. 5x150 strides in spikes after, short cooldown for 9. 9:30PM- 4mi on the treadmill in the TTC, first 3 at 7:30 pace, last one in 5:50, last half-mile 2:40 or so.

Friday 2/4- 3PM- 4mi up, solo workout indoors. 6x1000 avg 2:55, 2:00 jog rest. I felt much better than expected and was pleased to get in 6k of quality. I ran the last kilo in 2:49, closing in 29.5, just for the joy of it. Otherwise, I was only looking at the watch at the end of each interval, because I hate knowing intermediate times. 3mi down, ending at Harvard to watch the Battle of Beantown. 9:00PM- 3mi easy with Joey after his race. BU lost to the Battle of Beantown (the track version of the Beanpot) to Northeastern by a single measly point. You better believe stuff like that keeps a redshirt up at night.

Saturday 2/5- 10AM- leave for Keene, NH with James. 3PM- 10mi in Keene with James, some with old teammates George and Adam. I ran James up Drummer Hill and around town for 72 minutes- we got caught in an ugly hail/freezing rain storm, and James was introduced properly to Keene winters. It's funny, on our way out to Drummer, I got a familiar "oh, shit" feeling in my stomach. It was an ugly kind of foreboding I almost didn't remember- the old "on your way to Drummer" panic. I laughed when I recognized it.

Sunday 2/6- 10AM- In-Town 5 easy (39:40) with Pete, Andrea, and James. It was really good to talk to Pete again. Funny how quickly we slipped back into old rhythms and jokes, but when you spend the better part of two years working with someone every day, maybe it isn't so curious after all. 9:30PM- 2mi easy, 4x200 on, 200 off in spikes on the track, 5:44 total, 31.2 avg for the on parts, 2mi easy barefoot, finished just as they turned the lights out on me. Looong travel day, felt a cold coming on, which I woke up to deal with full force today.

81 mi
12 runs

Back to the grind. . .

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  1. Rest and recovery are so important. No one is "bazooka proof". When you have stresses of travel, different night hours, training/running, etc., you likely don't need to do 200s at 9:30 at night. You need to go to sleep.