Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mediocre Miling

Hi everyone!

So after last week's big mileage/big intensity, Peter and I decided I had to cut the volume back a little. Too many weeks in a row over 95 leaves me kind of stale and while there's a time to push volume, the middle of racing season is not that time.

Anyway, here's the log-

Monday- AM 3 miles easy
PM- 2miles warmup, 3xDrummer Miles (6:00, 5:53, 5:50), 4xDrummer 400s (62, 60, 60, 58), 4x Drummer 200s (28, 28, 26, 25). Great workout- it felt easier than last week's despite the addition of a mile and the faster paced 4s and 2s. The hill was very slushy and slippery today, which cost me some time. On a sad note, that 6:00 first mile was the first time I have ever failed to break 6 minutes on the hill. If I cared about workout PRs, that would bother me. 2 miles back to school, one-legged hops and stair bounds.

Tuesday- AM 3 easy
PM- 5 easy- the light easy days are how I'm limiting my volume this week.

Wednesday- AM- 4 easy
PM- 2.5 miles warmup, 4xmile (same uphill/downhill road sequence as last week) 4:53, 4:43, 4:53, 4:37 with 4 minutes jog rest (covering about 100 meters more than we covered during the rest last week). Much better workout than last time- I wasn't as sore from Drummer this time and the miles actually felt easier despite averaging about 10 seconds faster on each. 2.5 cd, hops and stairs back at school.

Thursday- AM 3 easy
PM- 5 easy

Friday- 7 easy, slushy out- I was in the shower before I realized I had forgotten to do strides.

Saturday- Terrier Invite at BU- I got bumped from the first heat of the mile and got to watch my buddy Eric (who narrowly defeated me in a 3k a few weeks ago) go 4:03, a massive 7 second PR. I wish I had been in that heat- I know I can run with Eric and I think I would have gotten dragged to a 4:04/4:05. As things worked out, I had kind a weird race. First off, they moved it up ten minutes and I kind of cut my warmups close anyway, so I almost missed my heat. Second, apparently everyone in the 2nd heat was content to run slow, so after a slow opening lap (32.xx) I went to the lead in an attempt to get after it. I never really got into a good rhythm or felt relaxed, the whole race just felt like I was gutting it out. I got shamed in the last 300 by Dominic Channon from Providence, who closed in 27 or something silly like that and crushed me, 4:06 to 4:09.7. It was still a PR but I know it isn't at all indicative of the shape I'm in right now. It was very frustrated to reach for the change of gears and not find it for the second mile of the season- my last 400 was only 61 or so. Splits for the race- 62.5, (32.high first lap, which had the extra 9 meters) 2:05.3, 3:08.7, 4:09.7. A PR but not a particulary good or well-run race.

Sunday- 14.3 miles 1:34:30- first 7 easy, moderate progression 7-10 (Eric had to poop and picked it up- not knowing the reason for the pickup I followed) then 4 miles progressive, going 6:11, 6:10, 5:40, 5:32 alone. Basically I didn't want to be out there for any longer than I had to be, so I picked it up to get out of the wind and cold (2 degrees in Keene this morning, pre-windchill). Everyone else stopped at 10 so I had a lonely last 20 minutes or so.

Total- 80

Looking on the bright side, this week was pretty good. I had two of my best workouts all season (and they felt much easier than past workouts) and one decent race. While I'm pretty unsatisfied with the way the race played out, I will at least say that at Dartmouth two weeks ago, I got dragged through in 3:08 and ran 4:11. This week I was 3:08 and 4:09, leading until the kick. In a month or so I should be able to roll through in 3:06 and close it down respectably. I'll look at the positives but learn from the negatives. This coming week is my last week of strength-based training for this little cycle of work, then we'll switch up to doing shorter, faster stuff. I'll be keeping my volume up for another 3-4 weeks and then hopefully my hellacious kick of old will return.

Before I go I gotta mention Nate and Ruben going 14:04 and 14:05 in the 5000m at Terrier- I unfortunately had to leave early and missed the race, but let's just all say GODDAMN! at once. Both of them are now qualified to run the 3000 at USATF indoors and Ruben is the new Umass Lowell school record holder for the indoor 5k! Congrats both of you!

As always, thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions



  1. Cant wait to see what you do when you taper!

    I should put my log somewhere which enables comments! :-)


  2. haha well I'm tapering a little (70) this week, turns out I'm pretty sick (lung capacity at 85% of normal). Let's see you run 4:03 breathing through a straw.