Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Study Shows Poorly Functioning Lungs Decrease Performance

Hi everyone

News of the week: I was very sick from about last Thursday- this Wednesday. I had to take a second down week in both mileage and intensity, which is fine with me. I finally started feeling better by the end of the week and now I'm pretty much back to normal. The upside to being sick was that I KNEW I was better shape than 4:09 and that something was off while I was running- at the time I thought I was just nervous because I was leading.

Monday- AM- 4 miles easy with Andrea, one of the freshmen.
PM- 2 miles up, 1xDrummer Hill mile (5:48) too sick to do anything more. Got a ride back from Peter.

Tuesday- AM 5 easy
PM- 5 easy

Wednesday- 3pm- 5 easy
8pm- 5 easy including strides, feeling better

2PM- 2 miles warmup, 7xDrummer 400s (62s) 8xDrummer 200s (28.5 avg, last one 27). Felt awful- heavy legged, slow, rigging a lot. The hill itself was covered in 1-2 inches of pure slush, which probably slowed us down a little. 2 miles c/d, stair bounding and one-legged hops back at school.

8pm- 3 miles easy with Jared and Amy + abs, pushups, pullups. I am very weak. Amy's 5 min ab routine destroyed me.

Friday- PM- 8 miles easy, cant do any motion that involves my core without feeling yesterday's ab workout. Amy seems to think this is funny.

Saturday- AM- 3mi warmup, fartlek workout pacing Jen Adams, a 2007 Keene graduate, 16:39/34:40 girl, and a good friend of mine. The workout was 1, 2, 3, 5, 5, 3, 2, 1 min hard with 2 minutes rest after everything except the 1 minutes. We did it before the Dartmouth meet started (I was there watching the Keene guys and she coaches the RPI men's distance runners) 3 mile c/d.

PM- (at Dartmouth) 2 mile shakeout, 6x100 meters on the track with spikes, 100 meter jog.

Sunday- 11 miles easy with a nice group including Amy.

Total- 72, not bad for a week I couldn't really train due to sickness. Last winter I think I only had two or three weeks higher. Not sure what I'm up to next week- I'm racing at Tufts, but we're not sure if I'll run the 5k or the 800. We'll probably just see how the workouts go and decide at the last possible moment.

Dartmouth results- A few notable Keene results. . . my roommate, Geoff, defended his mile title there, winning with a nice 4:19. Eric MacKnight, the birthday boy himself dropped his first sub4:30 with a solo 4:26 from the second heat. However, the story of the day was Amy Knoblock, a sophomore 800 runner, who roared into the lead after the first lap of the mile and ended up finishing 2nd in 5:11.98, a huge 18 second pr! Great job to Amy, who also came back with a 2:23 800 not long after that. I'm confident this is only a sign of even better things to come from her this season.

Have a good week, everyone!

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