Sunday, March 22, 2009

Down Week

Not much going on here with me- this was my spring break and I just jogged 6-7 a day. The highlights of the week included traveling down to Hofstra to visit my high school buddy Owen Graham. I had a blast, guys, and if they know what's good for them, they'd better visit Keene on their spring break.

Tomorrow, hard training for the outdoor season begins in earnest. I'm revisiting Old Man Drummer and I'm looking forward to the meeting- Drummer Hill can almost be nice when the weather isn't awful.

I hate tapering, I hate down weeks, and I hate time off. Fortunately, I've reached the end of all of that and it's time to start the hard work. I'm really looking forward to the season.

Lastly, RIP trackshark.

Have a good week, everybody.


  1. trackshark died but my blog is still alive: Anyway, great job at nats!

  2. That's awesome! Hope you're feeling better from that fall.

  3. Old Man Drummer is not nice. Ever. Under any cirumstances. I think it may even be responsible for the holocaust.