Sunday, March 8, 2009

Road to Nationals

Hey, everyone. This week had it's ups and downs- the main thing being that we just weren't all firing at the same time on the DMR, and for the third year in a row, we just missed qualifying.


Monday- AM- 3 easy with Amy
PM- 5 easy indoors- to pass the time we took a trip to middle school days and ran a few miles Indian File.

Tuesday- 3pm- 2 miles warmup, Baker St- 4x110y (13) with 110y jog rest, 3x220 (27s) with 220 jog rest, 2x330 (43s) 330 jog rest, 3x220 (28, 27, 27) 220 jog rest, 4x110 untimed but all out. Cold out again. 3 mile c/d.

8pm: 2 mile jog, core, stretching.

Wednesday- 3pm- 7 miles easy, 50 min
9pm: 4 miles easy- 30 min.

Thursday- 3pm- 7 miles easy, 48 min.

Friday- AM- 2 miles shakeout, 16min
PM- 2 miles warmup, DMR at ECAC's- 10:07.12 to miss nationals by a few spots- I split 4:10, getting the baton about 50 yards behind the lead group. To get a relay into nationals, everybody needs to be on- and not everybody was on this time. It's no one's fault- just one of those unfortunate things. Had I been healthy a few weeks ago, we would have made it in easily. 3 mile c/d.

Saturday- AM- 2 mile shakeout
PM- 2 mile warmup, 800 race at ECAC's- 1:54.11 for 4th. Physically speaking, I am in fantastic shape. I felt like I was jogging the whole way. Tactically speaking, I made about every mistake I could make. I got a terrible start, ran wide too much, got boxed in at a crucial stage in the race, and had no room to go anywhere in the last 150, even though my body was screaming at me to let it sprint. In a less crowded race, a 1:53 was right there- but no sweat. I had a good two-day double, felt great doing it, and am 100% ready for nationals this week.

Sunday- AM- off, slept in.
PM- 10 miles easy, hilly course, plus strides.

Total- 62

All in all, it was a good week in terms of how I've been feeling and how easy the races were. It was unfortunate to not make it in the DMR and a minor inconvenience to not make it in the 800, but I'm fine with racing the mile fresh. It's always nice to have more teammates at Nationals, but the nature of a relay is there's no guarantee everybody will be "on" at once.

Thumbs Up: To PETER NAJEM! Our 400 leg, Elias, hurt his knee pretty bad on his warmup and couldn't run. Najem, despite having already eaten dinner, jumped from the sidelines, stripped out of his street clothes, and got a uniform on less than 5 minutes before the start. He split a 51 second 400 and looked great doing it, despite the tiny warning and lack of warmup. It was a total class act thing to do- he could have said "no way, I don't want to pull a hammy trying to sprint without warming up first, and I've already qualified for the 800." Instead he did everything he could to help us qualify-- totally worthy of a giant, giant thumbs up. I should also point out Peter and I are both Pinkerton graduates and we still hold the school record in the 4x800 there- so his success this year at 800 meters is unsurprising to our high school coaches!

We leave for Indiana and DIII glory (some might say baby glory, haha) on Wednesday- have a great week, everyone!


  1. best effort at nationals. it is easy to enjoy D3 because you people run for the right reasons. have a good one craig.

  2. Why wasn't Najem already on the relay as the 800m leg?

  3. Good question. From what I recall, Najem had just run 1:52.x and qualified the weekend before. Prior to that, he and the guy who did run the 800 leg that night were both right around 1:55 or so. Both were seniors, and if I recall right, the 800 heats at D3 were very close to the DMR final. I think Peter opted to run just the individual race, as was his choice. It proved a good move, since he ran like a boss in his first national meet.