Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hello there, internet. . .

It's 11:24pm on Tuesday night, and I should be in bed. We're leaving Keene tomorrow at 5:45am to make our flight out of Manchester (hopefully we don't get delayed by the weather!) and I have of course left packing to the last minute, and decided to write a blog at the 11th hour.

I won't say much, other than I'm excited to get out there and show everybody how hard I've worked this season. I'm also excited (and mark this down as the first time anyone has ever said this) to be traveling to Indiana. Why? It's another state I've never been to, and once again, running has taken me somewhere I never thought I'd go otherwise. . . like Indiana.

Everybody so inclined, do me a favor and pray for clear skies tomorrow so we're not sitting in the airport, dozing unrestfully. And while you're at it, pray my paper on Cicero's "On the Ideal Orator" gets a good grade.

My prelim is Friday at around 4 and the final is Saturday at 2:10- think good thoughts, everyone!

Thanks for all the support and thanks for reading- it's been fun to hear people's reactions to the blog when I see them at meets (except for the Gilmore twins' reactions, of course- you sarcastic assholes).


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