Sunday, April 12, 2009


First- to everyone who contacted me with well-wishes and encouragement, thank you all so much. When you're in a slump like that, a kind word from even a complete stranger is enormously comforting. You all have no idea how much you helped me over the last week.

The down week worked perfectly. I took a few days off, jogged a few days, then had a light session on Saturday that went surprisingly well given that I did it at home (so I was alone) and it was 40deg and very rainy/windy. I won't bore you all with the specifics, but suffice to say I'm ready to cautiously begin outdoor training in earnest.

It was tough seeing everyone in DIII drop great times this weekend, but I needed the little mental break. I've had a lot on my plate lately the last few weeks and the time away from Pete and the team and the whole drag of serious training (not that I have problems with Pete, the team, or serious training) really helped me figure out some stuff. It also made coming back and having a morning jog with Pete again be a fun excuse to shot the bull instead of a death march. I had a nice 8miler today that I actually enjoyed for a change.

With nationals not that far away, I don't really have time to build up to 80 miles a week again, adjust to the mileage, taper off, etc. I'm not sure how my racing schedule looks for the next few weeks but hopefully I can still hit up some of the big meets.

Happy Easter, everyone! I'm off to shower, which is the only downside about being home again. There's almost no hot water and the water pressure is akin to what I'd imagine a camel drooling on you feels like. Have a nice week, internet.

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  1. We all need a break here and there. Keep up the work.

    Phil Mc FSC