Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Frustrating Week

Ok, I won't rehash Penn again. Frankly, I'd like to forget about that. I did, however, come back and race the 1500 at our conference meet. I felt pretty crappy the whole way, but my hamstring behaved ok. I was supposed to run the 800 and 4x400 too, but Pete and I decided if it was tight at all, I'd scratch from the later events, which is what I did.

Monday- 2 mile w/u, 4x(800, 400) with half-jog rest (so about 1:40 and 50 seconds). 2:16/66, 2:15/64, 2:18/65, 2:15/60. My hamstring was really bad during and after this one- the workout was much harder than it should have been and the howling winds/40deg temperatures didn't help. Looking back (isn't hindsight always 20/20?) I should have told Pete how bad it was.

Tuesday- 7 miles easy with Wilson, 47 min. Hamstring was tight but I thought it was better than Monday.

Wednesday- AM- 4 easy, solo- 27:40
PM- Travel down to Penn, 3 easy with the groups + 6xstrides. Hamstring felt pretty good, didn't think it'd be an issue anymore.

Thursday- 2pm- 3 easy.
9:30pm- 2.5 warmup, about 2600m of the 5000 at Penn at roughly 68-69 second pace (I wasn't really looking at the splits but I think I saw 4:34 at the mile?). I was hardly breathing when I had to stop; I just couldn't lift my leg any more. So far, this has to be one of the most disappointing races of my career. However, I lived to run another day and didn't blow my season limping a 15:30 5k on a bum leg.

Friday- 20 minutes very slow on grass to test hamstring. The very slow running and tons of icing/stretching seemed to help.

Saturday- 2 miles up, 1500 at Little East. It was like 90 degrees out and I felt like crap, but I managed to eke out a win. I sat through 800 (65, 66) then took the lead and tried to test out my hamstring a little with a cautious acceleration, going 62 then 46 for a last 700m of 1:48. I was pretty much recovered within fifteen minutes or so, but mostly just glad my hamstring went ok.

Sunday- slow 10, again, being cautious about the hamstring. I think it's more or less recovered. This is just another thing that adds to fantastic season I'm having so far. At this point, I just want to qualify for the 1500 and give nationals every ounce of what I've got, then take about two weeks off from running entirely. I have 3 weeks and 3 more chances to drop that 3:51 and get to nationals, and I won't be wasting any of them.

Have a good week, everyone- and learn from my colossal fuckup. Be honest with yourself when something is really bugging you, and don't take a dumb chance with your season just to run in a cool race.


  1. ok, if you think the hamstring is more or less recovered i'll go with less recovered. so consult with your coach, head trainer (or best running trainer), do the necessary rehab and do not make something that has been trouble worse and lingering. just my opinion.

  2. I have some assisted stretching things I'm doing, I'm icing like a fiend, and I've gotten it massaged and stuff. I don't really have the time to do the ideal thing and take two weeks off, so I'll just have to make the of a less than ideal situation- train at the level my hamstring can take and just do the best I can.