Sunday, May 31, 2009

Highest Week in Singles, Ever!

Hey guys-

I'm working on something really big with the Jackalopes right now- it will take me another week or so to really hammer it out, but keep checking back here for updates. I promise, it's gonna be pretty goddamn awesome.

This was a great week of training for me- I hit 73 in 7 runs, my highest total ever. I started feeling a little sluggish towards the end of the week, probably because I had only run over 60min at a time a handful of times before this and this week featured only one run under 60min (a 58:30 9-miler than included a 5k tempo section). I'm feeling really good, though, aside from being a little tired.

Though I am vehemently anti-concrete plans, this is my general idea for myself for the next 4 weeks: (keep in mind this is the opposite of set in stone- it's more like light pencil on sketch paper. . . or maybe just vague scratchings in the sand)

Next week: add in doubles, hit 70-75 or so, do a tempo and a session of easy mile repeats- this is kind of a break week for me to relax a little after the high-volume singles

Then go 80 or so but take a day off, then go 85-90, and by the end of June/first week of July hit 100. I'd like to hold 100 for a few weeks, but I'm racing a ten-miler on July 24th, so we'll see how much I back off from the volume for that. Basically, by the end of August, I want to be totally accustomed to 90-100 mile weeks.

Expect a Jackalope update soon!


  1. 73 is your highest and you want to hit 100 in 6 weeks? be careful...

  2. 73 is my highest only running singles- I've been above 90 consistently with doubles before. Last fall I had about a month of 95+ mile weeks.

  3. Blessing of the Fleet! Yes! I'll be there.