Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last Week of Summer and 100th Post!

This marks my 100th blog entry. What a milestone to have reached, internet. When I started this thing back in January of 2009, I had no idea I'd still be hangin' around. This week concluded my summer training, which proved an enjoyable, fruitful cycle of building new fitness. I think my mistake last year was that I tried to do too a little too much summer intensity, which left me sharp for my summer races and a little flat by October (and sick as a dog by November). This year, I'd like to think I'm being smarter about preparing for the real races this fall- the America East conference meet and the Northeast Regional 10k.

Here's my training for the week. After will follow some fun number crunching for people who hate soggy numbers.

Monday 8/23- 10:30AM- 4mi easy in cool, pouring rain. But for my glasses getting all wet and making it difficult for me to see, it was a great run. 6:30PM- 2 laps of Fresh Pond from the house, to the TTC for 4x150m strides in spikes, back home for 12 tot. Ran into my buddy Brian Harvey on the way home and ran with him for a bit.

Tuesday 8/24- 1:30PM- Pouring rain continued for my mixed bag of a workout. I did 3mi up, then a lap of the BC Res (2.5k) in 8:52, which was slower than what I expected but right into a 30+mph headwind. I went right into a sustained moderate pace over to Heartbreak Hill, did 4xHeartbreak, right into a sustained run back to the Res, where I finished off by doing 3' 2' 1' HARD with 1' easy in between each section. That lap was 8:35 or so, including rest and contending with the wind. I ran a very slow 3mi cooldown back home and immediately marinated in the shower for a half-hour or so. A good, moderate workout in awful conditions (the novelty of which made the workout kind of fun).

Wednesday 8/25- OFF, as per "Stone Cold" Bruce Lehane's directions. I think during the season I'll put my rest days at every three weeks, since Bruce will be able to better monitor my intensity level.

Thursday 8/26- 11AM- Heat came back with a vengeance. Ran with half the team to Jamaica Pond for a decent 9 in about 58min. 5:30PM- 7mi easy with most of the other half of the team, plus 4 strides indoors. Felt good, it was just a touch cooler out.

Friday 8/27- 9AM- 9mi easy going West on the Charles with the team, felt good. Beautiful weather. 5:30PM- 9mi easy with Billy, who missed the morning run. I had intended on doing 5, missed my turnoff because we were chatting, missed the 7mi turnoff because we were having a good conversation, and ended up doing the full 9 with him. I got in a lot of miles today, but they were easy and I felt fine.

Saturday 8/28- 10:30AM- 4mi easy on the standard morning loop, solo. Felt good! 5:30PM- 3 up to the BC Res with most of the guys, then 6x3min on, 2min off with about half of them (we split into 2 groups to avoid crowding the path). We took the offs very slow and hit 26:50 through 7.5k, which is a touch over 5:45/mile. Since not all of us were cleared yet (our medical paperwork got done kind of last minute, due to forgetful clowns like me not having our insurance cards on us) Bruce couldn't assign and supervise the workout, so we had to self-police. 3mi down- I think it went well for most everyone.

Sunday 8/29- 11AM- HOT OUT. I'm talkin' 97 degrees when we got going. We all paid the price for sleeping in today. We had a large group of guys and Nikki going anywhere from 6+ to 12+ miles out around Fresh Pond. I went just under 12, but was too dehydrated and destroyed from the run to add on the 3-4 minutes I needed to call it a safe 12. Gross run!

90 miles, six days

Number Crunching:

Summer training period: 84 days (12 weeks, 6/7 to 8/29)
Total miles: 1010
Avg miles/day: ~12.02
Avg miles in any given 7-day span: 84.14
High Week: 112
Low Week: 72

A good summer with some minor setbacks. Time to have a good cross season!

Good luck to all cross country runners beginning seasons!

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