Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lord of the Flies

Hey there, internet. Why, don't you look lovely tonight. I hope you had a great week. Mine was nothing special or awful, which I'll take. I finished up my teaching assistant position at the A+ College Prep Academy (it's like a voluntary summer school that was run out of BU this year). I had an 8th grade English class, and we spent our two weeks reading and analyzing Lord of the Flies, which provided me with a convenient title for the week.

A+ Academy was pretty good as far as jobs go; I could wake up at 7:30am and still get to work on time, but since it's a solid 35min walk (fast walk, since I was usually running a little late) I wussed out and didn't wake up at 6:30 to double any of the days. Aside from the low volume, it was a pretty good week for training.

Here's what I got up to:

Monday 8/16- PM- 8.5 moderate; realized I was too frustrated from Falmouth to run slow so I cut the run short of my planned 13.

Tuesday 8/17- PM- Still frustrated, so I let myself go the last 8mi of my 10-miler, then held back around 5:40/mile. I ran 59:30 for ten, with the last 8 around 5:45 avg. I was pretty tired from Sunday + Monday, but it felt good to run hard.

Wednesday 8/18- PM- 3 up, 5xmile w/400 jog at MIT's track since BU's was in use, 5:02 (1:48) 5:07 (1:46) 5:08 (1:50) 5:07 (1:48) 5:05. I wanted to run 5:08-5:12 (77-78/lap), but went out in 2:28 the first half of the first mile, then found my cruising rhythm. This workout felt exactly as hard as it should have, no more or less.

Thursday 8/19- PM- 9 very easy with Joe, wanted to make sure I didn't dig myself a hole in a poorly-thought-out attempt to "make up" for Falmouth.

Friday 8/20- 3PM- 7mi easy with my friend Amy, who I used to run with at Keene. I did most of my easy days with Amy at Keene (Amy is a 4:35 1500m runner) because she would let me go as easy as I wanted. It was really out hot out, but we managed. 10PM- 7 miles solo on the Charles, including 6 strides over the course of the run. Note to self: on beautiful summer nights, hobos like to meet at the Charles to have their fight clubs and cheap wine tastings.

Saturday 8/21- 11AM- Slept in til 9:30, made myself steak and eggs for breakfast, snuck in 4mi solo before my friend Matt picked me up for his graduation party back in Derry. 4:30PM- After a few adult sodas and a game of wiffle ball, I stole away from the party to get in a tempo run at Pinkerton's track. 3 up, 4mi tempo in 21:19 (5:28, 5:23, 5:20, 5:08) ran clockwise on the track for no good reason, quick mile c/d back to the barbecue.

Sunday 8/22- 9PM- Wasted the morning sleeping in, spent (not wasted!) the afternoon with Matt, his girlfriend, and our friend Kevin playing Mario Kart on the wii, got back to Allston at 8:45, watched Russell Crow kill Joaquin Phoenix at the end of Gladiator, then hit the roads for a moderate 14 in 90 minutes (I logged it as 13.5, though, since I wasn't sure on the distance.

80 miles
9 runs
Mini-core after each run this week

Until next week, friends!

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