Monday, August 9, 2010

NEPXC Week 2, 21st Birthday

This blog is late, because I spent the weekend turning 21. Why turning 21 takes longer than a normal birthday, I'm not sure, but I'm told I had a wonderful time. That's all I have to say about that.

I spent the early part of this week in Northfield, MA for a cross country camp. I was assigned roughly ten high schoolers roughly between 17-18min in the 5k. It was a great time leading them through the trails, telling them stories, and watching them try to dance with varying degrees of success. I got in a LOT of miles this week, mostly because my morning runs with the kids were very slow. I made up for it somewhat by running my afternoon runs mostly a pretty good clip.

Here's the log:

Monday- AM 6 PM 11, last 60min HARD, got really dehydrated near the end.

Tuesday- AM 7 PM- 13 including a bunch of short strides and 30-40 second hard surges. Last 20min barefoot on the grass.

Wednesday- AM 5 PM- 14 including a 25min progression run pacing my kids (7:30 down to 5:30 pace, roughly, probably ran just a touch under 4mi) and the last hour or so with Jenkins and Brian, one of the other counselors.

Thursday- AM- 5min up, 10mi over a really hilly course good and hard with Zac Hine, 20min down with Zac and my teammate Colin's high school coach. Brian came with us for the first 12k or so, then cooled down. We ran 55:48, but the loop is a little short. Felt great, but it was 80deg out with a 75 deg dew point. . . so yeah, it was pretty nasty out.

Friday- AM- 8mi easy, back in Derry. PM- 10 easy solo, back in Allston.

Saturday AM 6.5 easy PM 10 easy with James and Joe

Sunday PM- 3up, 7x2min hard, 1min easy, 3 down. Note that the fartlek took me 21min on my 21st birthday!

Total- 112, highest ever by 7mi. Not bad!

Also, I did strides, drills, core, and pushups with my kids each morning, but I didn't want to write it over again 4-5 times. Have a great week, internet!

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