Sunday, January 16, 2011

Adding Quality

Well, internet, no need to dress it up in a fake happy voice. The Patriots played sloppy today, and they lost to Rex "the Podiatrist" Ryan. It stings like a heavily salted paper cut. I wouldn't have been that pissed if the Pats had gone out in the first round to Colts, but I can't stand Rex Ryan and the kind of trash-talking, moron football he delights in.

Anyway, enough about foozball. Foozball is the devil anyway. I had myself a nice little week of training over here. Most of the BU guys were back for training camp week, which was good, and I cut back my volume a bit to make sure I don't get in over my head with accumulated fatigue while adding in harder quality sessions.

Here's what I was up to in between crying over sloppy post-season play and another blizzard:

Monday 1/10- 5mi nice and easy to recover from the Big Week. Sunny run with some newly returned teammates, 34min.

Tuesday 1/11- 2pm- Unplanned moderate run, ran 5mi at ~6:30 pace with a group, then ran the last 5 harder at 5:30-5:40 pace, 60:27 total for 10. I was pleased with the pace of the 2nd half of the run, because the footing was pretty crappy. 4x150m buildups in spikes indoors after, a 200 relaxed in 28.8, then a short cooldown for 11.

Wednesday 1/12- 3PM- 3 up, lots of strides, mixed bag workout. I did:
600- 1:39
400- 63.4
800- 2:14 (led that one)
600- 1:38.8
400- 63.2
4min rest
4x150, 20.hi for all of them, 1:30 rest.
4min rest
800- 2:12.4
400- 62.5
400- 62.0 3mi down. A good day. Felt smooth running 62 and 63. Recovery for all the other intervals was between 2-3 minutes, depending on how many questions Bruce asked. 8:30PM- 3mi easy with my roommate Sean through the blizzard. Kid's a trooper. Total for the day- 13

Thursday 1/13- 3pm- 60' easy/steady downtown with most of the team, 5min indoors at ~6:00 pace for 10 miles. 2 and a half sets of strength after, my heart wasn't in it at all.

Friday 1/14- 3PM- Fresh Pond once from the TTC with Billy and Colin, plus a few min indoors, 4x150m buildups in spikes, 200 relaxed in 29.6, felt flat and crappy. 10 total.

Saturday 1/15- 3pm- 4 up, strides, ladder workout with Eric- 1600 4:32, 3min jog, 1200 3:25, 3min jog, 800, 2:15 3min jog, 400 63.4, 5min jog, 8x100 between 13.4-13.8 with 50 walk, 50 jog, 3mi down, 11mi total. Felt great today, guess yesterday was just a fluke.

Sunday 1/16- 8mi very easy with James, first 4 with Sean. I was planning on running twice today, but I went to the track after the Game That Shall Not Be Mentioned Hereafter ended to find it locked. Me, being a genius, had locked all my running clothes there, leaving this double wasted.

68 miles
8 runs
one session of strength, pushed today's session back to tomorrow.

Happy running, everyone!

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  1. Glad you didn't get in a second run yesterday. Get your rest.