Sunday, January 23, 2011


These entries are never fun to write. I ran my first track race since last May's series of disastrous dropouts today at Harvard. Today's race was technically better than those races in that I finished this one, but when "I finished" is the most positive thing you can say about a race, well, you're not going to be looking forward to writing any blogs, that's for sure. Enough with the suspense, though. I ran 4:28.70 for a fresh mile on a banked track with great competition. I was rested, had had some good workouts, slept fine, and did things sufficiently right to leave me without any real reason for running so bad. I guess I'll just have to leave it at "I had a really bad day, and it sucked, and now it's over, so I'm going to go forward from here."

Where's forward from here? Well, I ran unattached today because Bruce was unsure if my fitness was better than last year's, and wanted to preserve my eligibility for my 5th year if I was unfit. While I know my fitness is not as bad as today suggested, I think it's safe to say I will be keeping my BU uniform safely folded in my room until outdoor track begins. On the other hand, I do believe that it would be a mistake to go find a cabin and exile myself to more training. I haven't done much racing over the last 8 months or so, and I think I need to get back on the horse rather than avoid it.

I ran pretty awful today, and that's bound to happen sometimes. On to the next day, since all the ability at my disposal is powerless to undo today.

Monday 1/17- 13mi easy with Ruben Sanca the whole way, with the team for some. Cold and icy out, took a digger on the 2nd of 4 laps around JP, Bill Rodgers style.

Tuesday 1/18- Roads were terrible, so I asked Bruce to let me work out today. He was fine with it, so I avoided another slipfest AND the dreadmill. I wanted to get in something a little longer at mile gear, so Bruce gave me a relatively short, light workout after I did a 1000 at mile gear. 3 up, 800 worth of striding
1000- 2:36 (62, jumped in behind Eric and Rich, who were doing a 400, ~2:04.5 through 800)
5min jog
500 1:19 (with Ken for the first 400)
500 1:23 (these were supposed to be 1:22, but I got out a little too quick on the first one and Bruce said get this one under control)
3min jog
800- 2:16 (69.x/66.x)
2min jog
400- 63.3
1:30 jog
400- 62.2
Pretty good workout, I was very pleased to run 2:36 at the appropriate level of effort. This workout had me thinking breaking 4:10 was in the cards on Sunday. In retrospect, I should have just continued on and run a 1600 time trial in 4:08. Ah, hindsight. 3mi down, tot 9.

Wednesday 1/18- 9 mi easy to JP through some wet snow, JP was clear, ran 9:16 for the lap there, ran into Rob on the way back and ran back with him.

Thursday 1/19- 1PM- 7mi steady on the river, 4x150 in spikes, a 200 in 28.8 relaxed. The guys had a multi-meet Thursday afternoon, and most everybody ran well. 8PM- 37' easy inside after the meet, some with the Melon, who was getting over being sick.

Friday 1/20- 3:30PM- 4 up, 2x5x150, 1:30 jog b/t reps, 5min jog/set. Bruce told me to keep things in the 22 range, and I did. Felt fine. 3mi down outside, sick of indoor laps.

Saturday 1/21- 3PM- 7mi easy with James to JP and back with no lap, drills inside after. I was looking forward to Sunday's race a lot on this run.

Sunday 1/22- 1:30PM- 3up with Rob, 1mi shitshow, 4:28.7 for last in the fast heat, splits I got were 62.5, 2:07.0, 3:15.x, 4:28.7. Yup, that's a 73 last 400, and it was all-out. The only thing I can possibly think of is that I had zero appetite on waking up, and had to force myself to eat two tiny things of fat-free yogurt so I wouldn't be racing on an empty stomach. I don't think that should be worth ~15 seconds in a mile, but with the way I fell apart, I'll grasp at any straw. 1mi down, felt dizzy and shaky.

65mi, 8 runs.

Hope your weeks were all better than mine. Here's to better times and not dwelling on off days.


  1. No appetite? That tells you (me) something is off.

  2. hey Craig, dont take the first race heavy on yourself. Last year I DNFed out of my first race (3k) and then ran 1356 2 weeks later. i also wasnt sure why..