Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good Step Forward

Hello there, Internet! What a difference a week can make. There isn't much to editorialize about this week, so I'll just skip to the log.

Monday 1/24- 3:30PM- 4mi easy indoors, some with Elliot, 3mi moderate outdoors, ran into Bree with a little more than a mile to go, ran in with her and added on another mile inside. It was 0 deg out and well into the negatives with windchill, so I wussed out. Still mad about Sunday's debacle, but what are you going to do?

Tuesday 1/25- 2:30PM- 3 up, 10x400 avg 63.0 w/1:40 jog rest, 3mi down. Tough workout to do solo- I did 3 at 64, 3 at 63, 3 at 62, and the last one in 61.0. Bruce said "oh, let's just be generic today and copy Roger Bannister." 9:30PM (after work)- 4mi shakeout on the treadmill at the TTC after work. Felt pretty good, probably the best I've ever managed on a treadmill before.

Wednesday 1/26- 61:30 out and back through Cambridge with Peter, Eric, and Matt. Snow storm made the footing increasingly bad, but we ran a decent clip regardless, to say nothing of the snowball fights.

Thursday 1/27- 6:30PM- I think I made my peace with the treadmill today. With the radio blaring classic rock and my T-shirt covering the display for the first 5mi, it wasn't so bad. Nice to run faster and keep my shoes dry, anyway. 10mi in 59:54. First 5mi in 31:50 (didn't look until 4mior so, just started off at 6:45/mile and increased the speed every 3-4min or so, ended up at 6:00 pace for the 5th mile).
45 sec pee break (yeah I timed it) 2nd 5mi in 28:04, running roughly 5:55, 5:55, 5:45, 5:30, 5:10. That doesn't add up, but that's because I accidentally reset the treadmill with when I stopped to piss, and it took whatever the remainder was to get up to speed. 1mi down after to get rid of that weird treadmill-leg.

Friday 1/28- 5mi easy with the guys around the slums, kept things light for tomorrow. Lots of great performances by various friends at the womens' Terrier Invite, but the one I have to mention is my teammate Katie Matthews took an even 60 seconds off her 5k PR, running 16:13. Wish that happened more often to all of us!

Saturday 1/29- 3 up, 1000m race at Terrier, 2:30.68, good for 8th I think. If I were in really good shape, I wouldn't be pleased with a 2:30 kilo, but to be honest, I'm not really in any kind of decent shape right now. I ran about as fast as I could have run (had I avoided making a dumb move in the middle of the penultimate turn I might have dipped under 2:30, though) and more importantly, fought through the frankly horrifying mental state I had slipped into after Sunday's "race." It's amazing how you can know something academically (like bad races happen and they certainly don't necessarily mean all that much) and yet how mentally/emotionally jarring a shit show can be. I was practically hyperventilating on my warm up and to be honest was pretty sure that I would end up DNF-ing my race. Once the gun went off and I got about two steps in, though, I was like my old self, and focused solely on placing as high as my fitness would allow. I didn't notice any splits, only my rhythm and the movements of the pack. Longer cooldown after most of the meet was done, because I had too many friends and teammates racing to stop watching for any real length of time! 8mi on the day.

Sunday- OFF.

Total- 60
Had a strength day in there somewhere, probably Wednesday? I gotta start logging that so I remember what I did.

What's next? Well, Bruce observed after the race the same thing I was thinking: I'm just not in particularly good shape right now. My speed workouts compare favorably with past-Craig, but I don't have the conditioning for those workouts to be particularly significant. Now that my mind is over that horrible mile race, it's time to put in more significant mileage, focus on the very painful 3k-5k type workouts that condition and strengthen, and prepare for outdoors. That doesn't mean I won't race again indoors, just that I haven't planned any out yet. If things are going well, I'd like to convince Bruce to let me race the Valentine Invite and maybe take a crack at my 3k PR. On the other hand, if he thinks I shouldn't race, I won't press the issue, because, well, what good is a coach if you're not going to listen to him?

Here's the link to the video of my race:

Thanks, flotrack! I usually wouldn't want video evidence of an out-of-shape, carrying-about-5-extra-lbs MacMonster, but I want to point out my choice of uniform. I doubt you can see it, but I'm wearing a University of Delaware singlet. One of my teammate's has a twin brother who attends Delaware and asked me if I'd like to rep the program. What kind of Jackalope would I be if I didn't jump at the chance to show some solidarity to runners who were screwed over by an AD too cowardly to address the team like a man? The Jackalopes are with you, boys, if you want a club to run for!

Hope everyone's seasons are progressing as planned. So many friends of mine scored big PRs this weekend, and I'm afraid of missing anyone, so congratulations to everyone who ran well!


  1. "45 sec pee break (yeah I timed it)"

    what were your splits? ~ to the bathroom, actual pee time and return to treadmill? letsrunners need to know such things! your career rests on their comments.

  2. Haha, I got a new watch and the split button is where the stop button used to be. I didn't mean to split the break, but figured I'd have some fun with it. I think that's plenty of detail, though!