Sunday, May 3, 2009

Decisions and Revisions

Well, the decision is perhaps a month late, but I have finally decided to pull the plug on my outdoor season. It's been one thing after another and frankly, I don't see the point of trying to compete half-healthy and half-fit. After gimping along on my bad hamstring, I developed a bad tightness/soreness in my left hip. In addition to being tight enough to restrict the range of motion in my left leg, it feels like shards of glass are rubbing against each other deep in the joint. I've dealt with an issue like this on and off since my senior year of high school; however, it's never been quite this bad.

Basically, I'm sick of trying to limp through 45 mile weeks and hoping I can salvage a decent 1500 off of talent and grit. A very wise person reminded me on Saturday that "we do this because it is fun." Well, running is no fun when you can't run pain free. It's no fun when you can't train or when you're warming up for a race going "three weeks til my break, three weeks til my break." So I'm trying to take a long-term look at things here and just be sensible. I've moved out of my dorm and back home for the summer; it's been a very difficult weekend.

However, I'm sure I can count on a few bored, anonymous letsrun posters to talk all kinds of trash and keep me cheered up. The more poisonous they get, the more absurd I find this hobby of ours and can look at myself from an outsider's perspective and laugh at both the situation and myself. During my break from running (I'm thinking at least a week, maybe more if my hip doesn't feel better) I intend on staying up too late watching crappy movies, goofing off with my little brother, and cheering on my teammates and friends as they finish up their own seasons.

Before I sign off- how bout that Stanford meet, eh? Makes a guy sorry he's too hurt to walk around the mall with his sister, much less be out there trying to make up some ground on all those fast guys out west.

Have a great week, everyone-- I'll be sitting at home, enjoying a break after a too-long year. Thanks, as always, to all those random people who come up to me at meets and say hi- you guys are what makes this blog worth writing!

(apologies for the long-windedness. . .)


  1. whenever you start up running again I encourage you to keep up the writing. I'd like to see how your base is going, as it encourages me to get out there and train as well. Hope nothing but the fastest and complete recovery.
    also I started my own running blog from live journal, in case your ever bored and want something to read.

  2. AG-

    Oh, I definitely plan on keeping this blog going. I'm looking forward to it, actually. I was a little hesitant about starting one, but it's proven to be a fun exercise.

    I'll take a peek at that log- God knows I need to occupy my time in any way possible!