Sunday, May 24, 2009

2nd Week of Summer

Hey guys- I had a pretty good week of training- 56 miles, one 4-mile tempo in 20:40, one session of mile repeats (3xmile in 5min with 800jog) at 10k effort, and one moderate-long run of 11 miles today over hills with the last 5 miles around 6:15 pace.

This blog entry will be pretty short- I'm on my way to Marblehead, MA for a barbecue with some friends of mine who attend Hofstra. Also, anyone interesting in the minutia of my day-to-day training can find it here:

I'm feeling really good- next week I should hit around 70 in singles with a hillier tempo and a session of sprint work on the track with full rest. After that I'll be ready to start doubling and getting into the meat of my training.

I'm really looking forward to that 10-miler I'm doing at the end of July. I'm going to be in really good shape by then, and absolutely monstrous shape by the time we start XC practice. I'm excited to be running again, finally! The tricky part now is holding myself back-- after all, D1 Regionals isn't for another six months! It's almost scary to consider the jump I have the opportunity to make, as long as I keep things simple, consistent, and fun.

Have a good week, everybody!

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