Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Test Results

Good news! I don't have anemia or mono! My iron stores might be low (I haven't see the test result yet, but the doc just called me to give me a summary) but more likely than not, the shitty rundown feeling I've dealt with was most likely just a combo of good ol' overtraining and too much racing in a short period of time finally catching up with me. With a nice layoff, I should be good to go in a week or two. I'm thrilled to find out it was nothing serious- we've all overreached from time to time.

Since I have infinite more time to sit around when I'm home, I'll probably be a little more prolific with the blog. Rather than just posting my log every week, I plan on branching out a little. Since outdoor is winding down for college guys and will be over soon enough for the high schoolers, my next post will contain most views on base-training and the components of a successful one.

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend!


  1. We're supposed to listen to you about your views on base-training and success after all the good it has obviously done you?

  2. hey, that's great news! eat & drink well, and get plenty of sleep. please post your thoughts on training. i, for one, will look forward to it.

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  4. What constitutes a porn site? If it is masturbating while viewing the site then this is definitely a porn site.